Incremental Hashing Webpage


This page contains the BEEM benchmark results and sources of the incremental hashing extension to Spin 5.1.4. A description of the incremental hashing scheme can be found in Incremental Hashing for Spin [Nguyen and Ruys, 2008] (draft), Spin 2008 Workshop.

Viet Yen Nguyen (principal and corresponding author)
Theo Ruys (co-author)


The tarball containing the incremental hashing extension to Spin can be downloaded here:


The incremental hashing extension is enabled by using the CHASH flag when compiling the verifier pan. There is built in support for enabling sparse vectors using the SPARSEVEC flag and the sparseness can be set using the SPARSEDIST=N  flag, where N is a positive integer.

BEEM Benchmark Results

We have conducted many experiments with the BEEM benchmark suite and the highlights of it are presented in the paper above. The full result set is downloable here:
This tarball contains a selection of the BEEM benchmarks we have used, scripts to process the results, the profiled results and the unprofiled results.


Spin 2008 Workshop:


11 April 2008: