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September 24-27, 1996




Fifth International Conference on Algebraic and Logic Programming Eighth International Symposium
on Programming Languages, Implementations,
Logics, and Programs
    Third International Static     Analysis Symposium
September 25-27, 1996 September 25-27, 1996 September 24-26, 1996
ALP aims at strengthening the connections between algebraic techniques and logic programming. The PLILP symposium aims at stimulating research on declarative programming languages, and seeks to disseminate insights in the relation between the logics of those languages, implementation techniques, and the use of these languages in constructing real programs. SAS aims to promote theory and applications of static analysis as a fundamental tool in high performance language implementations and program verification.
Topics (non exclusive list): Topics (non exclusive list): Topics (non exclusive list):
  • Semantics of algebraic and logic programming
  • Integration of functional and logic programming
  • Term rewriting, narrowing, resolution
  • Constraint logic programming and theorem proving with constraints
  • Concurrent features in algebraic and logic programming languages
  • Higher order features in algebraic and logic programming languages
  • Implementation of declarative concepts
  • Integration of different paradigms
  • Compiler specification and construction
  • Program analysis and transformation
  • Programming environments
  • Executable specifications
  • Reasoning about language constructs
  • Experiences in constructing applications
  • Typing and structuring systems
  • Abstract Interpretation
  • Optimising Compilers
  • Complexity
  • Theoretical Frameworks
  • Experimental Evaluation
  • Verification Systems
  • Specific Analyses
  • Type Inference
  • Partial Evaluation
  • Abstract Domains
Program committee
Program committee
Program committee
Accepted Papers
Accepted Papers
Accepted Papers

Satellite Events

  • Founding Meeting of the European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS)

  • Fifth Compulog-Network Area Meeting on Language Design and Semantic Analysis Methods

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