Thanks to Kevin Glynn, who provided a Debian potato machine for the GHC builds, there are now versions of GHC and Happy for that, too.

For convenient downloading, use APT (sources.list), or go by FTP.

In any case, watch your APT entries, whether they still point to the right archive!

Sorry for not keeping this website up-to-date. I nevertheless built GHC packages, though...

Much stuff has changed, for example GHC/happy/c2hs etc. are now officially part of Debian, you can get them from there. They're currently in the unstable distribution. The full announcement is in the archive of the GHC Users mailing-list

Another bug-fix (binary-only) release of GHC (4.08.1-3) for Debian available... It fixes a signal handling problem.
NHC98 (1.00) available for Debian... Have fun... :-)

Also, there are packages for Hmake, Hat (aka Rtb) and HOOD available...

For convenient downloading, use APT (sources.list)

GHC (4.08.1-2) for Debian available... This one is a binary only rebuild that fixes the "file growing" problem...
Actually, it seems as if the webpage redesign does take some more time...
GHC (4.08.1) for testing available... It's currently APT-able only, because I'll redo this web-page in very near future...
New version of c2hs for Debian ready. Two small fixes and recompiled with ghc-4.08. Have fun...
GHC (4.08.0) and Happy (1.7) for Debian ready.
Finally, a new GHC version (4.07.20000504) for Debian is available. There were some building problems in the last few weeks, but they're resolved now. The current version is a stage-2 build and I tested heavily. It's pretty stable, AFAICT...
New version of c2hs for Debian ready.
Folks, I'm not dead or something, I was just busy. You can expect a new GHC version RSN.
New GHC version (pre-4.07) for Debian available.
GHC 4.06 officially released.
Did I mention that finally is known to the nameservers again? It has been working for several days now. Thanks to the Yale DNS admins (AFAIK) for solving the problem.
There was an error in the latest GHC-4.06 Solaris2 version, which prevented `make in-place' installation. Fixed.
New GHC version (pre-4.06) for Solaris2 available.
For the last few days, could not be resolved from our name servers (although DEPT-GW.CS.YALE.EDU still knows it). However, use instead, if you experience similar problems.
New RPM package of GHC available.
New GHC version (pre-4.06) for Debian available, new RPM package of Happy.

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GHC (local mirror)
Here we provide some locally build GHC packages, usually the latest CVS snapshots. We needed them anyway at our site for this or that feature or because some bugs were fixed, so it does not harm to make them publicly available for people, who don't want to spend loads of CPU cycles, time, memory and harddisk space to get a bleeding edge version of GHC... ;-). Unfortunately, downloads from the primary site are painfully slow sometimes (from here), in fact, they'd be called slow, if they'd be 5 times faster than now ;-). So, if it makes someone's life easier...

The packages are created automagically (i.e. without user intervention). The responsible script performs a 2-stage build: first, the compiler is build with a recent GHC version, then the resulting compiler builds itself again. The result of the second stage is packaged and downloadable from here. Although not necessary, I regard these steps as a somewhat safer way to provide a working GHC. If it is able to compile itself, it should compile most other stuff, too... :-)

The packages should contain everything (they are made with target binary-dist, as usual), including docs, and readline support. If there is something missing or a feature, that is not activated, drop me a note.

NOTE: My hugs98 package for Debian will vanish soon. There is an official hugs package on the Debian archives, so use this one...

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