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Uses of Interface rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j.model.IGraphFactory (LTL2BA4J)

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IGraphFactory
rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j JNI bridge to ltl2ba. 
rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j.model.impl Default implementation. 

Uses of IGraphFactory in rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j

Methods in rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j that return IGraphFactory
static IGraphFactory LTL2BA4J.getGraphFactory()

Methods in rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j with parameters of type IGraphFactory
static void LTL2BA4J.setGraphFactory(IGraphFactory customGraphFactory)
          Sets a factory used to generate the resulting graph.

Uses of IGraphFactory in rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j.model.impl

Classes in rwth.i2.ltl2ba4j.model.impl that implement IGraphFactory
 class GraphFactory

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