Class WeavingContext

  extended by abc.weaving.weaver.WeavingContext
Direct Known Subclasses:
AdviceWeavingContext, CflowSetup.CflowSetupWeavingContext, PerCflowSetup.PerCflowSetupWeavingContext, SingleValueWeavingContext

public class WeavingContext
extends java.lang.Object

When weaving a piece of advice, various values may need to be copied into variables and be passed as parameters to the advice body. The weaving context is passed to residues and to the advice declaration itself during weaving. Each kind of advice will use a specific type of weaving context, and both abc.weaving.aspectinfo.AbstractAdviceDecl.makeAdviceExecutionStatements and the WeavingVar instances generated by the WeavingEnv for that advice kind will know what type to expect. This class provides a base for the hierarchy of weaving contexts, as well as being appropriate to use for any kind of advice that does not need any information to be passed to it.

Ganesh Sittampalam

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public WeavingContext()