Class CflowIntraAggregate

  extended by BodyTransformer
      extended by abc.weaving.weaver.CflowIntraAggregate

public class CflowIntraAggregate
extends BodyTransformer

Cflow Intraprocedural analysis phase I: aggregates all the local variables that access the same CflowStack/Counter field of an aspect into one variable, assigned at the beginning of the method. Improves the bytecode slightly over what is otherwise produced. Relies on: Any local variable of type CFlowStack/CFlowCounter is introduced by the weaver, and the CFlowStack/CFlowCounter static fields in aspects are never modified after they are initialized.

Damien Sereni

Method Summary
protected  void internalTransform(Body b, java.lang.String phaseName, java.util.Map options)
static void reset()
static CflowIntraAggregate v()
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Method Detail


public static CflowIntraAggregate v()


public static void reset()


protected void internalTransform(Body b,
                                 java.lang.String phaseName,
                                 java.util.Map options)