Package abc.weaving.residues

Class Summary
AdviceFormal A weaving variable that represents a formal parameter to be passed to an advice body
AlwaysMatch A "dynamic" residue that always matches.
AndResidue The conjunction of two dynamic residues
AspectOf A residue that puts the relevant aspect instance into a local variable in the weaving context
AssertResidue A dynamic residue that throws an exception when tested.
Bind Bind a context value to a local or argument
Box Box a weaving variable (if necessary) into another one
CflowResidue A dynamic residue for cflow and cflow below
CheckType Check the type of a context value
ContextValue The base class defining a value to be extracted from the context
Copy Copy a weaving variable into another one
HasAspect A residue that puts the relevant aspect instance into a local variable in the weaving context
IfResidue The dynamic residue of an if(...) pointcut
IsNull is a context value null?
JimpleValue A context value that comes directly from a jimple value already in the current method
JoinPointInfo A value that will become a thisJoinPoint structure at runtime
Load Load a context value into a local or argument, without boxing or casting
LocalVar A variable needed only during residue computation
NeverMatch A "dynamic" residue that can never match.
NotResidue Disjunction of two residues
OrResidue Disjunction of two residues
PolyLocalVar A polymorphic local variable whose type is determined by the first thing it is set to
Residue The base class defining dynamic residues of pointcuts
ResidueBox A box holding a residue.
SeqResidue The sequencing of two dynamic residues, allowing side-effects in the left hand residue to run even if the right hand residue is NeverMatch
SetResidue A residue that sets a local variable to a value
SingleValueVar For cases where there is just one value needed in the weaving context Don't ever use it in a context where a get() might be done on it
StaticJoinPointInfo A value that will become a thisJoinPointStaticPart structure at runtime
TestResidue A residue that tests if a local variable has a value
WeavingVar A variable for use in weaving