Class DynamicValuePointcut

  extended by abc.weaving.aspectinfo.Syntax
      extended by abc.weaving.aspectinfo.Pointcut
          extended by abc.weaving.aspectinfo.DynamicValuePointcut
Direct Known Subclasses:
Args, TargetAny, ThisAny

public abstract class DynamicValuePointcut
extends Pointcut

A pointcut designator that inspects a dynamic value (this,target,args)

Ganesh Sittampalam

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Constructor Summary
DynamicValuePointcut(Position pos)
Method Summary
protected  Pointcut inline(java.util.Hashtable renameEnv, java.util.Hashtable typeEnv, Aspect context, int cflowdepth)
          Inlining should remove all PointcutRefs, and return a pointcut that is alpha-renamed
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Constructor Detail


public DynamicValuePointcut(Position pos)
Method Detail


protected Pointcut inline(java.util.Hashtable renameEnv,
                          java.util.Hashtable typeEnv,
                          Aspect context,
                          int cflowdepth)
Description copied from class: Pointcut
Inlining should remove all PointcutRefs, and return a pointcut that is alpha-renamed

Specified by:
inline in class Pointcut
renameEnv - A mapping from pointcut names to the Vars they should be renamed to. If a name isn't in the map, it doesn't need to be renamed.
typeEnv - A mapping from pointcut names to AbcTypes. Every variable that can appear free in the pointcut must be listed. The names are those before any renaming takes place.
context - The Aspect in which the root pointcut is defined. This is required because references to abstract pointcuts must be resolved to the concrete pointcut using this aspect.
cflowdepth - The number of surrounding cflows. This is required to determine the correct precedence for the synthetic advice used to implement cflow.
The inlined pointcut