Package abc.aspectj.visit

Visitors for the aspectjeton language extension.


Interface Summary
ContainsAspectInfo An AST node implements this interface to indicate that it contains information that should be put into the GlobalAspectInfo.
ContainsNamePattern Implemented by an AST node to indicate that the node contains a name pattern as a child but is itself not a name pattern.
TransformsAspectReflection Used on a AST node that participates in the transformation of thisJoinPoint references to thisJoinPointStaticPart

Class Summary
AccessorMethods Container class for storing accessor methods related to an aspect.
AspectInfoHarvester Picks up all AST nodes that implement ContainsAspectInfo and tells them to put their information into the GlobalAspectInfo.
AspectNameCollector Collects the names of all aspects to make them available to early phases that need them.
AspectReflectionInspect Check whether all instances of thisJoinPoint in an advice body can be transformed to thisJoinPointStaticPart
AspectReflectionRewrite Rewrite all instances of thisJoinPoint to thisJoinPointStaticPart in any aspect body where this is appropriate.
CheckPackageNames Check that public classes are declared in an appropriate file.
CleanAspectMembers This visitor cleans up the AST prior to Jimplification, turning it into a Java tree.
CollectJimplifyVisitor Collects the AST roots of all top-level weavable classes, to give to the later Jimplify pass.
ComputePrecedenceRelation Compute the precedence relation between aspects from all declare precedence declarations in the program.
DeclareParentsAmbiguityRemover Perform disambiguation of the parent classes of declare parents declarations.
DependsChecker check dependencies between named pointcuts, and also abstract flags.
HierarchyBuilder Builds the internal representation of the class hierarchy and package structure used by the pattern matcher.
InitClasses Loads all classes specified as classfile input and registers them as weavable classes.
Jimplify Provides Java2Jimple with a list of all top-level weavable classes and tells Soot to resolve the classes.
NamePatternEvaluator Evaluate all name patterns and store the list of classes matched.
NamePatternReevaluator Reevaluate all name patterns with a possibly changed hierarchy.
NoSourceJob A dummy job used to collect all the run-once passes when running abc with no input source files.
OncePass A pass that runs only once, independent of the number of input files.
ParentDeclarer Type checks declare parents declarations and integrates the declared parents into the Polyglot class hierarchy.
PatternMatcher Encapsulates the pattern matching code.
PatternTester Produces debug output telling which classes are matched by each name pattern.
PCNode A node in the internal representation of the hierarchy and package structure used by the pattern matcher.
PCStructure The internal representation of the class hierarchy and package structure used by the pattern matcher.

Package abc.aspectj.visit Description

Visitors for the aspectjeton language extension.