Class CleanAspectMembers

  extended by NodeVisitor
      extended by abc.aspectj.visit.CleanAspectMembers

public class CleanAspectMembers
extends NodeVisitor

This visitor cleans up the AST prior to Jimplification, turning it into a Java tree. Advice declarations are rewritten to pure method declarations. Intertype field delcarations, declare declarations and pointcut declarations, as well as intertype constructors are completely stripped out of the tree. For all intertype declarations, we remove the relevant types (which were earlier added to do type checking).

Aske Simon Christensen, Oege de Moor

Constructor Summary
CleanAspectMembers(NodeFactory nf, TypeSystem ts)
Method Summary
 Node leave(Node old, Node n, NodeVisitor v)
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Constructor Detail


public CleanAspectMembers(NodeFactory nf,
                          TypeSystem ts)
Method Detail


public Node leave(Node old,
                  Node n,
                  NodeVisitor v)