Package rwth.i2.ltlrv.formula.interfaze

Common interfaces for LTL term constructors.


Interface Summary
IBinaryTerm IBinaryTerm - Common interface for a binary term.
IEquivalent IEquivalent represents the equivalence operator
IFinally IFinally represents the finally operator
IGlobally IGlobally represents the globally operator
IImplies IImplies represents the Implication operator
IUnaryTerm IUnaryTerm - Common interface for a unary term.

Package rwth.i2.ltlrv.formula.interfaze Description

Common interfaces for LTL term constructors. This holds only term constructors, which are reduced to others when changing to negation normal form. Classes for term constructors, which exist also in negation normal form are contained in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.

Eric Bodden