Package rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze

Common interfaces for all AFA states.


Interface Summary
IAFAState This interface reflects any subformula which is valid as input for AFA generation.
IAnd IAnd represents a conjunct.
IBinaryAFAState IBinaryAFAState - Common interface for all binary AFA states.
IFF IFF represents FF = false
IIfClosure IIfClosure - Interface for if-closures which are to be evaluated at runtime.
INext INext represents the Next operator
INot INot represents the negation operator
INullaryAFAState INullaryAFAState - Common interface for nullary AFA states.
IOr IOr represents a disjunct
IProposition IProposition represents a proposition
IRelease IRelease - Interface representing the binary Release operator in LTL.
ITT ITT represents TT = true
IUnaryAFAState IUnaryAFAState - Common interface for unary AFA states.
IUntil IUntil - Interface representing the binary Until operator in LTL.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
IAFAState.ValidationException ValidationException - Exception that is thrown on validation of a formula.
IIfClosure.UserCausedException UserCausedException - An exception that wraps exceptions caused by the evaluation of an IfClosure.

Package rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze Description

Common interfaces for all AFA states. (mainly for information hiding)

Eric Bodden