Uses of Interface

Packages that use IUnaryAFAState
rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base Abstract base classes for all AFA states. 
rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl Implementing classes of AFA states. 

Uses of IUnaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base

Classes in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base that implement IUnaryAFAState
 class UnaryAFAState
          UnaryAFAState - Abstract superclass of all unary formulae.

Uses of IUnaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl

Classes in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl that implement IUnaryAFAState
 class Next
          Next - Implements the Next formula constructor of LTL.
 class Not
          Not - Implements the Not operator.