Uses of Interface

Packages that use INullaryAFAState
rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base Abstract base classes for all AFA states. 
rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl Implementing classes of AFA states. 
rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze Common interfaces for all AFA states. 

Uses of INullaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base

Classes in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base that implement INullaryAFAState
 class NullaryAFAState
          NullaryAFAState - Abstract base class of all nullary AFA states.

Methods in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.base that return INullaryAFAState
 INullaryAFAState NullaryAFAState.getInstance()

Uses of INullaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl

Classes in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.impl that implement INullaryAFAState
 class FF
          FF - Implements the sink state / formula representing false.
 class Proposition
          Proposition - Implements a proposition.
 class TT
          TT - Implements the sink state / formula representing true.

Uses of INullaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze

Subinterfaces of INullaryAFAState in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze
 interface IProposition
          IProposition represents a proposition

Methods in rwth.i2.ltlrv.afastate.interfaze that return INullaryAFAState
 INullaryAFAState INullaryAFAState.getInstance()