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Information for local developers

If it is your first time you want to work with Truth, ie. you want to compile it or whatever, you should get the sources from the CVS repository. Therefore, do the following:
  • Set your environment variable CVSROOT to /opt/rbi/work1/CVS with a command like setenv CVSROOT /opt/rbi/work1/CVS
  • Change to the directory where you want to have the Truth subdirectory containing the sources
  • Type cvs checkout Truth. Use additional switch -rTRUTH_HASKELL98 (i.e., cvs co -rTRUTH_HASKELL98 Truth), if you want a H98 compliant truth version (you will need at least ghc-4.02 for that!). This will create the subdirectory Truth in the current directory and the directory CVS within controlling the revisions of your sources
  • Have a look into the README* files
  • type ./configure && make
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