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Mu2L (MSC Textual to Graphical Representation Tool)

This tool uses the MSC2000-Parser developed at the ITU-Lübeck for reading a textual representation of a MSC and returns a LaTeX-file which can be converted with the MSC macro package for MSCs. It provides the following events:
  • normal messages
  • lost and found messages
  • messages from and to the environment
  • conditions
  • alternatives
  • actions

It does'nt provide timers and HMSCs.


The functionality of Mu2L is integrated in my diploma theses. So further updates are availabele only there.

The switch --tex has been changed to --visual since Carsten Kern developed a tool for generating dotty files from the textual represenation of HMSCs.

The JAR file for the new project is called MSCExecute.jar.

Please feel free to suggest further bugs.

This page contains:

An application example:

The input-file: altern2.mpr

mscdocument altern2;

msc altern2;
ATS: instance ats;
Foo: instance user;
ATS: out display,1( 'Hello Foo !' ) to Foo;
Foo: in display,1( 'Hello Foo !' ) from ATS;
Foo: action 'act';
ATS: out message,2( 'Hello Foo !' ) to Foo;
Foo: in message,2( 'Hello Foo !' ) from ATS;
Foo: out reply,3( 'Hello ATS !' ) to ATS;
ATS: in reply,3( 'Hello ATS !' ) from Foo;
ATS: endinstance;
Foo: endinstance;

The command line call:

java -jar MSC2000.jar --tex altern2.mpr

The resulting files altern2.tex and altern2.ps

\declinst{ATS}{ ats}{ATS}
\declinst{Foo}{ user}{Foo}


Examples of command line options:

For specifying a special path for the MSC macro package try the command:

java -jar MSC2000.jar --path:/home/.../ --tex .../contract.itu

For sorting the processes try the command:

1: java -jar MSC2000.jar --tex --sort,calling_party,called_party .../connection.mpr

2: java -jar MSC2000.jar --tex --sort,called_party .../connection.mpr

For general help information try:

java -jar MSC2000.jar --help


Download area:

The jar-file: MSC2000.jar (with Source Code)

Some example MSCs: examples.tgz

The Javadoc documentation: documentation.tgz or Online


Link to list of MSC tools: MSC Index


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