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Welcome to the MSC Execute project.

What is MSC Execute?

MSC Execute is a tool for generating JAVA source code from MSCs. After adding the (maybe) missing segments of code which have not been described in the MSC, the automatically generated code can be compiled. The static semantics will be checked partly during the generation phase and partly at compile time. The execution of the code is done in the same distributed way specified for MSCs in the standard ITU-T Z.120.

This project was invented as part of the diploma theses of Markus Schlütter at the Chair II of Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen.

The program was written in JAVA and should run on any platform.

A detailed overview about the project is given on these pages. For a more specific introduction read the About MSC Execute pages.

Please feel free to suggest further ideas..

Markus Schlütter
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