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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler

Documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler

Tools for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler

The Glasgow Projects Aqua and Grasp

Programm Transformations

Implemented in GHC


  • The Haskell Report: Version 1.4
  • J. Launchbury, T. Sheard: Warm Fusion: Deriving Build-Catas from Recursive Definitions.
  • Paul A. Steckler: Correct higher-order program transformations; Thesis, Northeastern University, July 1994. (Soure: ftp://ftp.ccs.neu.edu/pub/people/steck/thesis.ps.Z)

    Presents a method for proving the correctness of compiler optimizations for higher-order programming languages. Optimizations exhibited:

    • selective and lightweight closure conversion (constructing source-level closures for procedures
    • ultra-beta (a generalization of copy propagation to higher-order languages)
    • selective thunkification (transforming call-by-name programs into call-by-value equivalents)


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